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By W. E. Gutman,William F. Wu

Aldous Huxley wrote: "If such a lot people stay unaware of ourselves, the reason is, self-knowledge is painful and we want the pleasures of illusion." One may possibly infer from this comment that seeing ourselves as others see us - and acknowledging our very noticeable imperfections - is the start of precise wisdom.

Oscillating among parody, parable, and prophecy, ALL approximately EARTHLINGS is a piece of hyper-realism. As writer William F. Wu writes in his creation, "[it] is journalist W. E. Gutman's so much chilling dystopia. The ancient retrospectives that undergird his narrative and the apocalyptic inferences they evoke advised Gutman to finish that people are neither capable nor prepared to regulate their collective destinies: grasping, hedonistic and reckless, they're engrossed within the here-and-now in their own lives. Scouring via humankind's such a lot sordid chronicles of cruelty and hypocrisy, corruption and apathy, agony, melancholy and dying, and extrapolating from the teachings they convey, Gutman envisions a state of affairs of otherworldly retribution that turns out as becoming because it is terrible to contemplate.

"His use of a technological know-how fiction equipment (he does not maroon Earthlings on a few far flung planet; in its place, he transports an alien emissary to Earth and offers him a voice) basically has a tendency to harden the sinister nature of his auguries. within the approach, Gutman takes on and unapologetically slays a few effective sacred cows: God; faith; the papacy; evangelism; imperialism; militarism; capitalism; corporatism; mercantilism, and consumerism, all of which, he reckons, incestuously conspire opposed to peace and calmness in the world and which, may still Earth live to tell the tale the evils their mixed affects wreak, may perhaps sooner or later unfold past its celestial frontiers."

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Born in Paris, W. E. Gutman is a retired journalist. A former author on the late-great New York-based futurist journal, OMNI, he said from relevant the US from 1994 to 2006. he's the writer of 8 books.

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